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Dear Parents,


I hope you had a restful half term week.


This is the final newsletter of the year, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support with your child’s learning over the past two years. It has been a fantastic opportunity for me to have such involvement in your child’s education throughout years 3 and 4 - I will greatly miss this class of children.


We have a packed half term ahead with plenty of exciting learning opportunities.


  • Homework will consist of the following;





Reading Diary Check – diary entries for reading that week plus one reading challenge.


Diaries will be taken in and marked every Tuesday.


Education City– online homework tasks will be set for Maths, English and Science.

Complete by following Wednesday



  • Times Tables Please continue to practise these – our next online assessment date is Friday 28th June 2019. The children have made amazing progress with their quick recall of times tables over the last term so thank you for all the support you are giving at home. TT Rock Stars is the best way to practise rapid recall of tables to 12x12, as are the two games added to the maths game page on the Y4 page of the school’s website.


  • Reading books can be changed for a book of the same colour at any time. Your child’s reading is formally assessed every half term; this is when your child will be told if they are ready to progress to the next stage/colour of books. The children will need their reading books and diaries in school EVERY day please.

The children will have two reading diaries again this year. One will come home every day and this one is where your child will record the levelled books they read. Your child may comment in this diary, and we actively encourage you to hear your child read and make comments in this diary too. This is also where the fortnightly reading challenges should be recorded.  The second reading diary is a book that stays at school. This is where the work your child completes linked to the class text (drama, philosophy, guided reading) will be recorded.


  • PE will take place twice a week this term, on Wednesday (Athletics) and Friday (Swimming). Please you make sure your child has their PE kit in school at all times and that all clothing is clearly labelled.


  • Specialist Teaching Timetable – Summer 1 2019




Mrs Gale



Mrs Gale



Mr Hough



Mrs Gale



Mrs Maughan


  • Playtimes; Only healthy snacks are permitted and these should be placed in the class snack bowl each morning (or your child’s tray). We are unable to provide your child with a snack in the afternoons, but you may provide your own snacks for afternoon play if you wish.


  • Your child is allowed access to their drink bottle throughout the day as long as it is stored in the classroom ‘Bottle Box’ and is clearly named.


  • Pencils cases from home and their contents are welcome in Year 4 but please understand we cannot be held responsible for items that go missing. My advice is to label everything!


  • Toys from home are not allowed in Year 4, even for playtimes.


  • The School Website is an amazing learning tool for the children. There are links on the Y4 page to our Wheel of Wisdom work and links to practise spellings, maths and other topics that your child will find fun and interesting. It is an ideal extension of their homework set and a vehicle through which you can see what we have been learning in class.


  • Schema Words A copy of the words that support our WoW theme this term can be found at the end of this newsletter.



 As always, if you have any questions please see me on the playground or drop an email to the office who will be happy to forward it on to me.


Mrs Gale & Mrs Miller.


Summer Term Schemata


  • loneliness
  • bravery
  • friendship
  • orphan
  • hope
  • shalom
  • salaam
  • peace
  • population
  • suburbs
  • range
  • peak
  • monarchy
  • parliament
  • reign
  • coronation
  • taxes
  • rebellion
  • assassination
  • throne
  • sovereign
  • classification
  • invertebrate
  • vertebrate
  • amphibian
  • mammal
  • characteristic
  • microhabitat
  • deforestation
  • environment