Medical Information

Medicines – non prescription

  • We are not allowed to have on our site non prescription medication (for example throat sweets, piriton, calpol and over the counter eye drops etc)

Medicines – prescription

  • We are not permitted to administer prescribed medication if it is required 2 or 3 times a day.  Should your child require medication 2 or 3 times a day the medicine can be taken around the school day and it is up to you to ensure it is given before or after school.
  • Should the recommended daily dosage be four times you have to decide firstly whether your child is healthy enough to be in school; and should they be in school you must complete a request for medicine form allowing us to store and administer the medication on your behalf.
  • We do have children who require prescribed medication in specific medical circumstances on a regular basis, we have the correct storage for this and trained staff, again your parental permission has to be sought to administer these.

Inhalers / Epipens

We have to change how we store the inhalers / epipens

  • Inhalers / epipens should now be given to school:
  • In their original condition in the box with the pharmacists sticker attached to it
  • The child’s name should be on the inhaler / epipen
  • Spacers need to be labelled
  • A new form has to be completed

Recording systems

  • There are new forms that have to be completed and we will issue these to you if your child is already on our system for requiring medication
  • We will also add to our website the form you need to complete should your child be in the situation of needs us to administer prescription medication to them because they need it above three times a day
  • It is parents or those who have full parental responsibility for the child that must complete and sign the form.
  • Forms should be handed into the school office so that they can be checked over with you to ensure we are fully aware of the medication requirements.

Should your child develop the need for an inhaler / epipen, other medical issues or require prescribed medication above three times a day in the future you will have to come into school to complete the necessary paperwork.  If you are in any doubt about the medication procedures for your child do not hesitate to contact me or the school office.  Finally, the responsibility is on you as parents to keep us informed about your child’s medical needs and provide the correct in date medication.  If we currently have medication at school for your child and you do not know the expiry date please contact the school office or the class teacher.