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Working with other Schools - School to School Collaboration

Following our Ofsted inspection October 2016, our development point is  "other providers benefit from the expertise that the school has to offer". With this is mind Birchwood regularly share their expertise with Suffolk schools in many guises;

  • Tailored CPD packages for individual staff members from local schools
  • Shared expertise to wider audiences e.g. October 2016 Suffolk Festival of Learning (Forest School / Outdoor Education)
  • Leadership mentoring and coaching e.g. our Headteacher is Ofsted Inspector / Pupil Premium reviewer / Quality Assurance Officer for LA
  • Teaching Learning and Assessment observations of practice and dissemination for visiting teachers


We collaborate in a variety of ways:

  • Our children share learning opportunities with joint projects, e.g. Eco Council forums, Forest Schools, Inter School sports fixtures, potato growing challenges.
  • We share resources of people, ideas and equipment e.g. ITP projects, Computing Hub.
  • Joint teaching observations regularly occur between schools to improve classroom practice and embed teaching philosophies.
  • Our teachers regularly moderate and check the standard of children’s work in writing, GAPS and maths across the schools to ensure standards are equally high and improving.  We have led CPD for schools based on our evaluative marking practise.  Two of our teachers are moderators for the Local Authority.
  • We plan joint training for Governors, teachers, learning support staff and office staff to ensure high value and economies of scale.
  • Senior Leaders carry out reviews (peer reviews) of the other schools to develop rigorous improvement strategies and support future development.
  • Our Maths Key Practitioner and Post Graduate Primary English Specialist teacher support other schools to improve classroom practice in Maths.
  • The children work alongside children from other schools in Suffolk through Eco conferences, Oakwood Grange, Global Partnership , Y2 potato growing.
  • We support other teachers at different hierarchical levels to develop their roles and responsibilities within their settings.

Birchwood Case Studies

Take a look at some of the case studies Birchwood offers

in way of supporting other schools within Suffolk.