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Birchwood's Governing Body consists of able and committed governors who are passionate about the school and the place it holds at the centre of the local community. "There exists a very open and honest relationship between leaders and governors. As a consequence, governors understand the school’s current priorities and the improvements that leaders have identified. They readily challenge leaders and visit the school to check on progress towards those priorities" (OFSTED 2016).  Governors, along with leaders, are constantly looking to further develop the strategic links that the school has with other schools and the community. 

3 Core Functions of the Governing Body

The Governing Body
Name  Role First appointed Term from Term to
Paul Hesketh Chair of Governors 11/06/2015 20/03/2019 19/03/2023
  Subject responsibilities Science RE Collaboration working party
Mike Phelan Vice Chair of Governors 09/10/2019 14/10/2019 13/10/2023
  Subject responsibilities Maths MFL Computing/website
  (pecuniary - wife is employee)   Collaboration working party
Steve Cloke Head Teacher 21/03/2008    
  Subject responsibilities English    
Melanie Davies Head of School - Birchwood      
  Subject responsibilities Art Design technology  
Lynsey Westaway Parent Governor 21/09/2018 21/09/2018 20/09/2022
  Subject responsibilities PE Sports Premium Pupil Premium
      Safeguarding Behaviour
Jan Siddall Co-opted Governor 14/10/2015 14/10/2019 13/10/2023
  Subject responsibilities PSHE SEND EYFS
Sara Gale Staff Governor 02/10/2018 02/10/2019 01/10/2023
  Subject responsibilities History Geography  
Paul Firman LA Governor 25/02/2015 27/03/2019 26/03/2023
  Subject responsibilities Music Birchwood Bolts Health and Safety
  (pecuniary - daughter and grandaughter employee)      
Andre Edwards Parent Governor 26/11/2019 26/11/2019 25/11/2023
  Subject responsibilities      
Georgia Everett Parent Governor 26/11/2019 26/11/2019 25/11/2023
  Subject responsibilities      
Hannah Tawell Parent Governor (associate)      
  Subject responsibilities      
Who's Who
Picture 1 Mr Hesketh Chair of Governors
Picture 2 Mr Phelan Vice Chair of Governors
Picture 3 Mr Edwards
Picture 4 Mrs Everett
Picture 5 Mr Firman
Picture 6 Mrs Siddall
Picture 7 Miss Tawell
Picture 8 Mrs Westaway
Picture 9 Mr Cloke
Picture 10 Mrs Davies
Picture 11 Mrs Gale

Birchwood's Governing Body structure is divided into two committees: 


1) Resources committee

    Chair: Mike Phelan

    Members: Jan Siddall, Paul Firman, Steve Cloke, Mel Davies, Paul Hesketh, Anna Ryder

2) Curriculum committee

    Chair: Jan Siddall

    Members: All Governors

All of our Governors are attached to subject leaders in school as well as looking at provision for vulnerable pupils (SEND and Pupil Premium) and checking that safeguarding is effective.  Our very active Governing Body have a range of skill sets from across the community (for example, decades of Headship experience of Primary, Secondary and PRUs to strategic leads of international expertise).  

Currently the Birchwood Governing Body is full but if you are interested please come as an observer, it is best to contact our Chair of Governors in the first instance via the office.