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WEEK  13.07.20



This week we are looking at the trigraph 'igh'.  It is a trigraph because 3 letters go together to make a new sound this time!!  Tri means 3 .... Can you think of any other words which start with tri?  Do they have anything to do with 3?  The 'igh' trigraph is found in the middle or end of words.


Watch 'Mr Thorne does Phonics' for 'igh':

Use Educationcity to play:

Fright in the night!

Make some word cards using 'igh' : sigh, high, tight, sight, night, might. (Challenge: fright, bright, flight, knight).

You may like to complete this 'igh' activity:

We have worked a lot this term on learning the tricky words - so are you ready for one final practise?

Keep practising all the Phase 3 phonemes with the Jolly Songs and actions.....

What is Doris up to this week?

Doris, that is a bright light!

Use the same teaching sequence used in previous weeks to read, rehearse and write this week's caption.  Note the 'igh'  trigraph and remember finger spaces and full stop. 


Follow this pathway for Mr Cloke's bedtime story:

Curriculum>>Bespoke Curriculum>>English>>Bedtime Stories


Use the Oxford Owl free ebook Library to continue accessing school reading books at home.

On the right hand side of the ebook Library home screen, it lists 'Browse by Oxford level' and beside this it details the Book Band colour.  These colours match our school reading book colours (see sticker on your child's reading book).

It may be time to move up to the next colour again .... feel free to give it a go!!





This week we are sharing Sharing a Shell by our favourite author ....... Julia Donaldson!  If you haven't got a copy at home then enjoy listening to the story here: or watch some familiar faces reading it to you (you may spot your Year 1 Teachers Mrs Davies, Mrs Oliver and Mrs Phelan on the film too)!!

  • Just like last week's story 'The Rainbow Fish', 'Sharing a Shell' has a really good moral - can you work out what the message is this time?
  • There are lots of rhyming words in the story, can you find any rhyming pairs?
  • In the story there are some really good verbs - doing words, which describe how the creatures move.  Rollicking, romping, roaming and rocketing. Do you know what they mean?  Can you move in those different ways?
  • Which part of the story do you think is the saddest?  Why?
  • Does the story have a happy or sad ending?
  • The story is illustrated by Lydia Monks. Can you find some of her other stories to share?  My favourite is 'Aargh Spider!'

Sharing A Shell

Still image for this video
What other creatures might you find living in a rock pool? 

Sharing A Shell Part 2

Still image for this video



Three friends, sharing a shell,

Happy as housemates can be!


Who would you like to share a house with....... your family, friends or maybe a book character?  What sort of house would you like to live in ....... a flat, a castle, a tent, a cave?  Can you write and tell me all about your ideas?  You may want to draw some pictures too.  

Here is some jazzy 'Sharing a Shell' paper for your writing:



We are going to practise writing capital letters this week.  First of all can you match all the lower case letters to their capital?  Some look the same, just a bit bigger, but others look completely different?  Can you find the capital that starts your name?

Next have  practise at writing them .....





Activity 1.Fair Share

  • What is a fair share? I have 6 objects. Can we share them between Daddy and Jack? Share the 6 objects between them. Have they got the same amount of objects? Is this a fair share? Complete using different even numbers.


Activity 2. Sharing odd numbers

  • What happens if it is not a fair share? I have 7 objects. We are going to share them with Mummy and Jack. How many do you get each? Is it a fair share? If not why? Complete using different amount of odd numbers.


Activity 3- Odd and even numbers.

  • What is an odd number? An odd number of objects cannot be shared fairly. What is an even number? An even number of objects can be shared fairly. Explore odd and even numbers to ten.  Why not challenge yourself to 20?


Activity 4- Number line-

  • Can you explain…..What is an even number? What is an odd number? Using the number line can you colour the odd numbers red and the even numbers green?


Activity 5.

  • Fair Shares-


Under the Sea  


Why not see if you can take a trip to the beach one day?  Whilst you are there have a go at this scavenger hunt and see what you can find .....

Beach Scavenger Hunt

Sunflower project

We have loved seeing some of your Sunflower homework projects.  Here are some flowers we planted at School whilst you have been away ...... 


Are your sunflowers as tall as ours?  We would love to see how well they have grown.  Please email in photos or projects!

Summer term homework project