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This week I would like you to practice reading and writing words that include the /s/ phoneme represented by the 'c' grapheme. (This is commonly called the 'soft c') The 'soft c' phoneme is when the letter 'c' is before the letters e, i or y. Can you read the words remembering to pronounce the 'c' grapheme as a /s/ phoneme? Can you write out some of the spellings in your neatest handwriting? Can you write some of the key words in sentences? Could you pick 10 of the words to then ask a family member to test you on at the end of the week? 

Mr Thorne:


Soft c practice activity and word bank:


More words that include the 'soft c':




Can you read this half terms reading book Hansel and Gretel? If you don't have a copy of this traditional tale then click on the link below to an animated version of the story.  How do you think the children felt being left in the forest? 


Hansel and Gretel:

Story resources:


Can you draw a picture of the house Hansel and Gretel stumbled upon in the forest made from delicious sweets? You could paint, colour or create a collage. Which different sweets will you be decorating your house with?  I would like you to then write a description of the house. When you are writing your description use your senses to help to describe what you can see, hear, taste, feel and smell. Remember to include exciting adjectives! Can you use some conjunctions (and/but/if/when/then/because) to extend some of your sentences? If you are using lots of adjectives in a list to describe some of the sweets remember to use some commas!


A house template


What are adjectives?



This week I would like you to practice your place value knowledge. We have been learning about 1, 2 and 3 digit numbers in Year 2. Can you roll two dice to create a two-digit number and then partition (split) your number into how many tens and units? How can we represent this number? Could you draw dienes using sticks for tens and circles for units? Can you go into your garden and 'make' numbers using sticks and stones. You could then challenge yourself by asking a family member to make you a three digit number! Can you split your number into hundreds, tens and units? 


Snappy Maths activities and games:


Education City Place Value:



This week I would like you to focus on 2D shape. Can you draw the witch from Hansel and Gretel using on 2D shapes? Can you find real life objects around your house that have 2D shape faces on them? Which shapes have a line of symmetry? You could cut out a 2D shape and then fold it in half to test this out! Can you count how many vertices and sides each shape has? 


Education City games linked to shape:


2D shape game:


RE- The Easter Story. Read the Christian story of Easter.  

BBC Easter Story

Why do you think Christians celebrate Easter? Can you draw a picture of the cross that Jesus was crucified on? Christians believe the cross symbolizes God's sacrifice but also the good news of his victory over death. There are some art ideas below: 


In Music this term we have focused on singing. We learnt a song about a little seed in class and we spoke about the importance of warming up our voices before singing, including how we stand and breathe when singing. 

Look at these 7 top singing warm up tips! 


Now that you are warmed up have a go at singing some of these songs. There is a song for everyday of the week! Which song is your favourite? (I really like Fun Friday The Bonkers Song!) 


Songs to sing (sing the songs from week 1):

PE Catching Skills 1.MP4

Still image for this video

PE Catching Skills 2.MP4

Still image for this video