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Welcome to Year 3

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Summer Reading Challenge

Reading can be a fun activity and gets more enjoyable the more you practise. If you are a good reader, it really helps to make your learning in all subjects easier.

The Challenges:

· Complete the reading challenges set for your key stage

 · Tick the activities off once you have completed them

  • Create a scrapbook or reading diary to keep a record of all of your challenges along with pictures of you completing them

· Enter the Suffolk Libraries reading challenge organised by The Reading Agency. You will find all the information and free books to read here:

Which activity will you choose?

Click the link below to watch Ella's Sports Day

Click on the link below to watch Rehya and Amelia's Sports Day


The final week of home learning! Please email in any work that you complete, I love to see what you have been working on at home. Thank you all so much for working hard over the summer term at home. Well done to each of you and have a great summer. Remember to be good, have fun, listen and be kind. Mrs Dooley 





This week we are reading and writing words where the ‘s’ grapheme makes a /zh/ phoneme.

I have attached a PowerPoint and lots of activities to complete below.


The 10 focus words for this week are: television, pleasure, treasure, measure, usual, occasion, division, usually, vision, leisure.


Mr Thorne zh:

More Mr Thorne:


Follow this pathway for Mr Cloke's bedtime story:

Curriculum>>Bespoke Curriculum>>English>>Bedtime Stories


This week I would like you to read The Smeds and the Smoos by Julia Donaldson.

I have uploaded a video below where I have introduced this book and read the beginning to you. I love this book and it is one of my favourite books to read at home to my children at the moment. It is a book that celebrates friendship and accepting that everyone is different, but that is good! The Smeds never mix with the Smoos. So when a young Smed and Smoo fall in love, their families strongly disapprove. But peace is restored and love conquers all.


If you don’t have this book at home here is a link to read the story:


When you have read this story can you create a character profile for one of the characters. It could be Janet/ Bill/ Grandfather Smed or Grandmother Smoo.


A fantastic free reading resource you may wish to use to read additional books- Oxford Reading Owl: parent will need to register on Oxford Reading Owl but it is free and then once you have an account there are lots of free ebooks you can read together. You can filter to find books that match your child's reading book band colour too.)

My Final Book Choice The Smeds and The Smoos

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I would like you to use your creativity and imagination to draw a new planet and the aliens that would live on it. In the Smeds and the Smoos book we get to see other planets such as Grimbletosh and Scloop where the Scloopy aliens wore kilts and were green. What will your planet look like? What living things such as plants and aliens will live in the habitat you have created? You can be very creative for this task. Once you have drawn your ideas you can then write a description including lots of interesting adjectives and verbs.


Challenge: Once you have written your description read it to someone in your house. I would love it if you can read your description and the family member have a go at drawing the planet and alien just from the information described by you. If your description is very detailed then the illustration should look similar to your drawing! Axel Scheffler reads Julia Donaldson’s writing and creates the illustrations from her descriptions! Compare the illustrations and see how well matched they are... good luck!


This week I have attached another Reasoning challenge for you. Once again the first 5 questions require an adult to read the questions from the script please. As this is our last week of Year 2 home learning I have attached lots of different games linked to place value, addition and subtraction and times tables for you to play at home. You will need a dice for some of the games. I hope you have fun playing them.

Challenge: Could you create your own times table board game? 


Continue with your times table practice with TT Rock Stars:






This week I would love you to create a self-portrait. Our text of The Smeds and the Smoos is celebrating our differences and I would like you to create a picture of yourself celebrating you and how unique and special you are. As we come to the end of Year 2, I would like us to celebrate how special we are. Please send me a picture of your self-portrait when you have completed it. I can’t wait to see the creations! You could paint your self-portrait or use the skill of collage, pastel or mixed media. You could include vocabulary that explains more about you such as ‘confident’ or ’caring’ etc in the background. I have attached a PowerPoint that will support your art and includes a step-by-step guide to drawing your self-portrait. 


Also this week I have attached below a booklet to prepare for your move into Year 3. The booklet asks you to reflect on what you have enjoyed in Year 2 and what you would like to achieve in Year 3. Once you have completed your booklet you could email it into the school office ready for your Year 3 teacher to read, or bring along in September to share on your first day in Year 3.