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Week 13- 6.7.20




This week's focus for your spellings will be looking at creating 'ly' suffixes when the root words end in 'ic' or 'al' as in magic or accidental.


basically  frantically
comically  actually
dramatically accidentally
magically occasionally
eventually tragically


Below you will find:


- A handwriting practice sheet linked to this week's focus spellings words. 

- A look,say,cover, check, write sheet. 

- A word search 


Remember below is also the spelling menu where you find lots of useful strategies to learn those tricky spellings!  


Also, remember to get someone to test you at the end of the week. 













Follow this pathway for Mr Cloke's bedtime story:

Curriculum>>Bespoke Curriculum>>English>>Bedtime Stories


Children need to be reading to you/you reading to them as regularly as you can. Children can log what they have read in their home reading diaries, and reading challenges to complete are in their reading diaries. These books can be schools books, library books or any book from home that they enjoy. There is also a fantastic selection of e-books online that could access for additional reading and audible books to explore. 



Chapters to try and read this week are: 

Chapters- 28-29


Additional reading: Epic Reading


The link to get onto the website is below and the class code to get onto your profile is: ucj9239 

Reading Comprehension Week 13


This week our reading comprehension is all about garden birds, during lockdown, there have been lots of sightings of a wide variety of birds in the U.K. How many of the birds in the text have you seen? 



Reading comprehension text and questions

Reading comprehension mat



Before you do anything, make sure you watch the video where I will be introducing the task and reading part of the book to you! 


Last week you created your very own Roald Dahl characters, now this week is your chance to write your own short chapter based on our class text 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory', you may even want to use you character within your story. 


I have included a powerpoint that includes a few starter activities to get your ideas flowing and useful tips and words that you could include in your writing. 


1. Look through the powerpoint. 

2. Then complete starter activities. 

3. Use planning template to structure your writing. 

4. Now to start your writing! 

5. Edit writing for improvements. 

6. Write up neat and maybe you would like to share to a family member or send it in to school, I would love to read some of your stories! 



You may want to structure your writing in the following way: 

Opening- describe the scene

Build-up- something magical might happen and lead up to your main bit of writing. 

Dilemma- Something goes wrong! Someone may fall in the chocolate river, or get sucked up a tube/machine you decide, use your imagination! 

Resolution- Who comes to the rescue and saves the day! 



Challenges to include in your writing:


Descriptive similes 

Adverbs- describing an action- 'they quickly clambered' or 'they frantically held on' 


How to make you sentences even better: 

Subordinating conjunctions- while, because, after, when, before. Follow the the following link for a reminder of subordinating conjunctions- 


Prepositions- in, during, because of, over, near, until, above, behind- they give more detail on where something has happened. 

















Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Story Writing

Still image for this video



The focus for this week's maths learning we will consolidating our learning earlier on in the year based on multiplication and division. Below I have attached the worksheets and the answers so you can mark your own work or have it checked by someone at home. 


Please see the documents below for the relevant worksheets and answer sheets. 




This week we are going to continue to work on some of our arithmetic skills and I have included the answers in the file below so the answers can be checked at the end. Remember to show your working out for all of the answers.  



There are also the TTrockstars and Numbots links below for your children to practice multiplication recall and number bonds as regularly as they can. I have set individual times tables all children to focus on weekly and have set different game types for the children to use and challenge their friends!


Challenge: BBC bitesize have set up daily lessons as part of their home schooling package, why not go on the website on Friday for their 'Friday Maths Challenge' where they will have a number of maths related problems to solve!


Design and Technology- Cookery cupcakes 


This week we are going to try making our own Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style cupcakes. You will need to draw up your design first, research any ingredients you need and use your maths skills for timings and any measuring you may need to do! 


Here is a link to a simple cupcake recipe-




This week we will recap our understanding of light and how light travels and responds to different materials. Please see the link below where there is a an interactive activity on the topic of light!