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Week 13  6.7.2020




This week we are consolidating our understanding of homophones and near homophones.

Below is a presentation and some activities to help you learn these spellings.

Children read to you/you read to them as regularly as you can.

The Great Glass Elevator.mp4

Still image for this video

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl wink


This week our reading focus is on Chapters 25 and 26 - but feel free to read as much of the book as you wish. 

  • How many buttons were in the great glass lift?
  • Can you imagine and describe how Granpa Joe is feeling at this point?
  • What effect does the section in CAPITAL LETTERS have on the reader?
  • which button would you choose? Which description tempts you and why?
  • Why do you think Willy Wonka is often laughing at the children and adults in the story? What is the purpose of this?
  • Mr. Wonka says he doesn't really like television. Why? What are his reasons? Do you think Roald Dahl agrees? Is this is a modern problem?
Our reading comprehension this week is about Wimbledon. I know some of you have been lucky enough to visit Wimbledon and watch matches being played there.

This week I would like you to plan and write a new chapter for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


I have provided you with an activity to warm up your writing brains!

I would like you to use the subordinating conjunctions to improve some simple sentences (these are on the subordinating conjunctions PowerPoint)


Next, take a look at the Story writing PowerPoint - this will explain the writing task and give you quite a few ideas of structure and vocabulary to include.


Use one of the plans to plan your story writing first, then use the story writing frame to begin writing your chapter.


I am really looking forward to reading your stories - maybe I can film myself reading your story to the rest of the class if it reaches me before next Monday!


This week I have included the next in our series of arithmetic tests. wink


Our focus this week is multiplication and division.

I have included a reminder on the method I taught you to carry out TU x U using the column method.

To add a challenge, I have included 2 extra activities, 'Multiply 2 digits by 1 digit' and 'Be the Teacher'.



  • TT Rock Stars

This week I would like you all to complete a Sound Check so I can see how you are progressing with the rapid recall of your tables to 12 X 12.

  • Numbots

 Numbots is an online game and playing little and often will significantly improve your recall and understanding of number bonds, addition and subtraction.


This week our focus is Science.smiley


In class, we learned all about habitats for different species of plants and animals. We created food chains, showing predators, prey and consumers.

 I would like you to watch some great videos and play some games to jog your memory about this aspect of science before creating some food chains of your own. 

The Food Chain

A food chain is a great way to illustrate the flow of energy and matter through an ecosystem. Check it out!


It is almost the end of the school year and the end of your time in Year 4.


I would like you to complete the following activities in readiness of you beginning Year 5. You work can be printed off and sent into school or photographed and emailed into school so that your Year 5 teacher can learn a little bit more about you.