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Week 2   30.3.2020

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This week we continue to learn spellings that are common homophones.

  • Don't forget to get someone to test you on the words from last week.smiley
  • Learn these new spellings and make sure you can use them correctly in a sentence.
  • Log onto Education City - in the Homework section I have found some games to play, and if you have a printer handy there are some sheets to complete. I have included the answers too!
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Children read to you/you read to them as regularly as you can.
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Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl wink


This week our reading focus is on Chapters 3 and 4 - but feel free to read as much of the book as you wish.

 Read the description of Prince Pondicherry's chocolate palace in Chapter 3 carefully.

Draw and label a detailed sketch showing the palace immediately after it had been built, and then the palace after the very hot day caused it to slowly sink to the ground.




Chapter 4 ends with the headline: WONKA FACTORY TO BE OPENED AT LAST TO LUCKY FEW.

  • Write an article to persuade people to visit Willy Wonka's factory. 
  • Use what you have learned so far about Willy Wonka and his factory to excite and engage your readers by tempting them with the possibility of a glimpse inside the factory.
  • Remember all the features you have learned to persuade people in your previous English work. How many of these can you include?

We have learned how to recognise right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles.

  • Explore the house and find different angles. You could record your findings by taking photographs or writing a list.
  • Play 'Wrangle the Angle' - Players roll a die to identify a type of angle before searching for one on the game board that fits the name. The first player to get 5 in a row  - horizontally, vertically, or diagonally - wins the game.
  • Watch the video clip below. The video ends with three differentiated questions that can be paused for response, discussion and finding solutions.
  • Try some of the Education City angle work on your homework section.

Wrangle the Angle Game

Wrangle the Angle Game 1
  • TT Rock Stars

This week I would like you all to complete a Sound Check so I can see how you are progressing with the rapid recall of your tables to 12 X 12.

  • Numbots

 Numbots is an online game and playing little and often will significantly improve your recall and understanding of number bonds, addition and subtraction.


Our Teeth

We have been learning about our digestive system in Science. One focus has been our teeth.

  • Watch the video clip below.
  • Can you make a list of animals that are omnivore, herbivore and carnivore?
  • What do these animals' teeth look like? how are they different from your teeth? Maybe you could draw sketches of the teeth of different animals.
  • Can you make a model of your teeth? You could follow the instructions for making play doh (the video link below) or find some other way to create the model of your teeth.
  • Can you create a poster or a set of instructions for a younger child so they know how to brush their teeth correctly? You may want to search online for some ideas to make sure these instructions are correct!

PE Catching Skills 1.MP4

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PE Catching Skills 2.MP4

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