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WEEK 2 - 30.03.20





Use knowledge of words ending in: '-ible'



























Children need to read to you/you read to them as regularly as you can. They have all been given books from school with additional reading challenges to complete and work through. Please try and read for at least 20 minutes each day!


To test your reading comprehension skills, have a go at some comprehension work activities. There are several levels that you can use to challenge your comprehension skills - 1 star activities being the simplest to 3 stars being increasingly more difficult. Use the mark scheme at the end to check your answers, good luck!


WRITING - Play Scripts


In English, Year 5 have been focusing on drama and play script writing. We read a various selection of chapters that have been adapted into play scripts and even had a go at acting some of these out to test out their effectiveness as a script. We then began to adapt a chapter from Boy In The Tower into a play script using all of the features we learned about.


This week, have a go at turning a chapter from your favourite book into a play script - you could even have a go at writing your own script about a day at home this week including all of your family members as characters! Make sure you really focus in on the characters speech and actions!


Make sure you remember to:

-list all of the characters in the scene (a short description of each would be great!)

-set the scene (describe the setting, atmosphere, mood and feeling in lots of detail)

-stage directions (in brackets)

-speakers name on the left followed by a colon (:)

-character speech (this has to be realistic - don't forget punctuation and DO NOT USE SPEECH MARKS!)

-new line for a new speaker


Don't forget to act out your final script with your family!


Have a look at an extract from the Harry Potter and The Cursed Child stage play:






Numeracy Ninjas PowerPoint presentation

Week 2 Arithmetic with answers

TOPIC - Water Resistance


Year 5 have been learning about the impact of water resistance on objects moving through the water. We researched various boat designs, from speedboats to pleasure boats, and focused on how the design impacts the speed at which it travels. We looked closely at the shape of the bow, the lengths of the boat, the width of the boat and also the materials it was made from. 


Have a go at this experiment at home to test the effects of water resistance on a soap-powered boat. All you need is: cardboard, a toothpick, a water tray or bath tub and dish soap!


You could choose to investigate:

How does the length of a boat impact the speed at which it moves in the water?

How does the temperature of the water impact the speed at which a boat moves through the water?

How does the material of a boat impact he speed at which it moves through the water?


Make sure to make a prediction, record your method, plot your results on a graph or table and conclusion. Make sure to keep it a fair test! 


Follow these instructions:

PE Catching Skills 1.MP4

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PE Catching Skills 2.MP4

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