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Welcome to Year 2

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Summer Reading Challenge

Reading can be a fun activity and gets more enjoyable the more you practise. If you are a good reader, it really helps to make your learning in all subjects easier.

The Challenges:

· Complete the reading challenges set for your key stage

 · Tick the activities off once you have completed them

  • Create a scrapbook or reading diary to keep a record of all of your challenges along with pictures of you completing them

· Enter the Suffolk Libraries reading challenge organised by The Reading Agency. You will find all the information and free books to read here:

Which activity will you choose?

Click here to watch Cleo's Action Packed Sports Day

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Vidhyut invented this amazing Dance

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WEEK 14 13.7.20 






wh and ph

Write the grapheme wh and the grapheme ph. Ask your child to say each phoneme and write each phoneme in the air, on your back, in the palm of their hand etc.

Play Buried Treasure (sorting real and made up words). Words: when, phen, which, phonics, wheck, graphics, wheel, whump, alphabet, craph, wheem, whisper, graph, braphics

Read together... 

Which is a dolphin better at, jumping or swimming?

Phonics is about sounds.

I can whisper them or say them loud.

When will you take a photo of a big wheel?



Write the grapheme ew. Ask your child to say the phoneme and write the phoneme in the air, on your back, in the palm of their hand etc.

Play Countdown Words (how quickly can you write them?). Words: blew, screw, nephew, threw, stew, grew, flew, drew, brew, few

Read together... 

A balloon blew up in the air and flew away.

My nephew is called Drew.

What can you do if you find a screw in your stew?



An example of a spelling list to practice reading and writing at home this week are 'wh' and 'ph' words:

Whale, why, whip, where, wheel, dolphin, alphabet, elephant, prophet, phone


Sharing a shell


To read the text together of ‘Sharing a shell’ By Julia Donaldson.  If you have this book at home then please share this story together, reading as much of the text as you can. After reading the story, can you re tell the story to an adult?  


What would you share with a friend? How do you think sharing would make you and your friend feel? Can you think of a time that you shared something with somebody else? How did it make you feel? Have you ever moved house or stayed somewhere different on a holiday? Who lives in your house with you? Who would you like to share your house with?


If you do not have this book at home or you would like to listen to someone else read the book then please follow the link below and complete the activities as above.

Sharing A Shell

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What other creatures might you find living in a rock pool? 

Sharing A Shell Part 2

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Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson

Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson is another easy to listen and follow story about three friends learning to share one home. Big bright pictures and subtle ...

Can you complete a book review on the text? You can create your own book review or use the template below.

'Sharing a shell' book review sheet


Who is in your family?

To draw a picture of all of the people and animals that are in your family. They don’t all have to live with you in one house.  Can you label all of the people/animals in your picture?


Remember to keep your letters a sensible size and think about the spelling of all the names. What relation are they to you?



'My family' optional activity sheet


DIVISION - Recap sharing in half - Fair share or not fair share? Using a set number of scales, can they be divided between two shells equally? Revise the counting in 2s sequence.... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (the even numbers are loud numbers... if you say them quiet and loud, quiet and loud)... it's the loud, even numbers that will share equally between the 2 shells!

Introduce the idea of sharing by 4 (finding a quarter) - use the crabs to work out if each shell (there are 4) will have an equal amount of crabs resting inside? Again, you can do this practically or by written recording. Do you notice anything about the numbers that share equally by 4? Are they similar to the sharing equally in half numbers?

For those that would like an extra challenge - try sharing by 5 (the children are familiar with the counting in 5s sequence)..... same set up as above with shells and pearls resting inside!


White Rose Home Learning - Week 11, 6th July can help consolidate this learning further still.

Use these resources to help consolidate the concept...  


Try out some of these activities at home this week!

Make a model of your house.

To make a rock pool. Collect things from a beach or make your own with what you can find in the garden

To make yourself a shelter/home in house or garden for you to shelter in.