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WEEK 2 30.3.20 






Practise the 'e' alternatives: ee ea ey y e ie e_e (as in feet, field, she, key, piece, deal)



Children read to you/you read to them as regularly as you can. 



An example of a list of spellings this week:

feet, sheet, sheep, field, shield, she, key, piece, deal, meal.


Use the PowerPoint below to write an information page about the famous female explorer Ellen Macarthur. You may wish to think about: When was she born? What did she achieve? How did she achieve this? What words would you use to describe her?


Remember to keep your writing on the lines and use your finger spaces correctly.


You may wish to use this writing frame below or create your own! 


Ellen MacArthur - Recordbreaking yachtswoman

Record-breaking round-the-world yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur talks about her life, in order to inspire others to recognise their own passions and talents. Sub...


Practise fast, rapid recall of number bonds that make 10 and extend to explore all the number bonds that make 20. Using examples such as, 7 + 3, 17 + 3 or 7 + 13 will encourage your child to see the link between bonds to 10 and bonds to 20 and reinforces their understanding of place value. 

How many 3D shapes can you recognise and name in your home?... cuboids (including cubes), cylinders, pyramids, cones and spheres. Make sure you view these in a variety of orientations to deepen conceptual understanding. 



To complete a detailed observational drawing of a plant in your home or garden.


To complete your drawing by labelling the four main parts of a plant. (flower, stem, leaves, roots) Consider the function of each part of the plant.




To research the artist Piet Mondrian who enjoyed using block primary colours to create amazing pieces of art. To look at some of his pieces of art work using the PowerPoint below and then create your own Mondrian collage.

Piet Mondrain PowerPoint

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