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Year 3 Homework Timetable 


Day Set Task Deadline
Monday Complete a reading challenge once a week in reading diary as a minimum. Diaries will be taken in and marked every other other Monday.
Monday Complete weekly comprehension questions linked to the class text. Diaries will be taken in and marked the following Monday.
Friday Learn weekly spelling/spelling rules Spellings will be tested in class the following Thursday.
Friday  Education City- online homework tasks will be set for Maths and English/Science tasks when appropriate. Will be checked weekly every following Friday.
Details on tandem workshop WOW homework project. Details to be shared during the upcoming tandem workshop linked to WOW topic focus.


Virtual Tandem Workshop- WoW homework presentation

Strategies to support your children with their spellings. 


Please see the attached file  to find a range of strategies that your child can explore and use to help learn their weekly spelling lists.