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PSHE will be an integral part of your child’s education and will include work on hygiene, citizenship, safety, relationships and aspects of health education.  These are designed to help the children to begin to understand their own physical, emotional and social development.  It helps to prepare them to play an active role as citizens and there is a major emphasis on developing respect for themselves and other people.   In this context, there is increasing content relating to global citizenship and sustainable development.

PSHE includes a carefully structured programme of sex education and drugs education, details of which are always available in school.  There is carefully planned progression in the content taught in these two areas but if the children ask specific questions concerning sexual development or drugs, these will be answered in an honest and matter of fact way, whilst remaining appropriate to their level of maturity, as indeed will any other questions asked.

Birchwood's PSHE Progression of skills, knowledge and understanding document: