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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC)

At Birchwood we develop SMSC in many different ways, including through the experiences outlined below. For more evidence of SMSC please look through our Twitter feed.



  • Pupils are reflective about their own and others’ beliefs – eg - / visit to Gurudwara to support Sikhism topic/ visits to St Michael’s Church – Easter Experience / Christmas Experience
  • The schools RE curriculum and broader curriculum supports pupils’ knowledge of and respect for different people’s faiths, feelings and values – eg – Shabat in y1 Jewish study
  • The school curriculum offers opportunities for pupils in all cohorts to have a sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves and those around them – community work eg – Suffolk Food Hall / Suffolk Punch Adoption/ Beijing link school writing project / collaboration with Holbrook / Mandarin teacher from Beijing exchange
  • Forest school / FFL / WOW etc all enable pupils to use imagination and creativity in their learning
  • Many opportunities are woven into learning for pupils to reflect upon their experiences eg – WOW homework Pink Slip feedback to parents / philosophy debate minutes / peer evaluation



  • Pupils are taught to recognise right from wrong and apply this in all they do as a result of the consistent application of the school’s behaviour policy
  • Pupils are interested in investigating and offering reasoned views about moral and ethical issues and appreciating the viewpoints of others - Y6 interviews with parents from Muslim community to reflect on Muslim culture / pupil voice is very strong thanks to active school council / Eco – Council / JRSO’s / ambassadors and monitors / meters and greeters
  • Pupil voice is so integral in school decision making, pupils are well aware of the consequences of positive and negative behaviours



  • Pupils use social skills in different contexts – eg – working and socialising with different pupils eg – Springfield and Holbrook Primary schools on Suffolk Day / Trinity Park Farm
  • Pupils are very willing to participate in a variety of communities and social settings – eg – JRSO – Council Chambers / Suffolk Punch Adoption – meeting farrier / grooms / owners etc / Swimming Gala winners
  • Fundamental British Values – Democracy / rule of Law / Individual Liberty / Mutual Respect / Tolerance – eg – Y5/6 Court Case – ch joined a County Court hearing to see rule of law in action and British law system – this was used to inspire their writing about crime detectives.  School Council = democracy!  Pupils attitudes demonstrate excellent respect and tolerance of their peers



  • Suffolk Heritage has been so explored by all pupils eg – Suffolk day / own Ixworth / Chequer bantam flock of poultry / Suffolk Punch Adoption /…it is an integral [part of our curriculum offer, working closely with many local businesses and communities
  • Cultural appreciation is very well celebrated eg – China Week / Inforiata / Diwali 
  • Opportunities for pupils musically, artistically, sporting, cultural...  Musical -Birchwood Music Festival / termly Orchestra performances... Sporting   swimming gala / AFPE quality Mark / distinction – 2K a Day, vast club opportunities / sport relief... Art – whole school – plastic sculpture with porpoises / fish / Aldbeurgh gallery display / whole school art gallery

Develpment point  - create wider opportunities to develop pupils’ knowledge of Britain’s democratic parliamentary system