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Sporting Success

Physical Education is a Birchwood Bolt. 

It is an inherent part of our school ethos and alongside the other Bolts, encourages children to develop competence in a broad range of physical activities to reach the performance levels they are capable of, be physically active for sustained periods of time, engage in competitive sports and activities and lead and make healthy lifestyle choices.

All classes participate in a minimum of 90 mins of National Curriculum PE per week, with the daily class ‘2k a day’, break time play equipment sessions, Forest School time, residential/non-residential educational visits (e.g. Hilltop/High School athletics), tennis, dance and rugby masterclasses, garden gang and extracurricular opportunities used to supplement this coverage further still.  This provision contributes to rapid gains in pupil attainment and progress - 100% of pupils reach the national expectations in terms of the PE attainment target at the end of KS 2 and 37% exceed national expectations.  100% of pupils make expected progress and 90% make accelerated progress.



2015 - School Games Gold Mark for PE provision

           First primary school in Suffolk to be awarded the Association for Physical Education (AfPE) Quality Mark with distinction

           Won Suffolk School of Sporting Excellence

2016 - Retained its School Games Gold Mark for PE provision

           Suffolk Sport case study video work (sharing our exemplary practice nationally)

           School’s SLT take part in a roundtable discussion at 10 Downing Street with ministers regarding physical activity and                 tackling obesity

2017 - Retained its School Games Gold Mark for PE provision

           Won a National Rugby Hero Award

           Won Suffolk School of Sporting Excellence

           Subject Lead present Birchwood’s PE Curriculum at the annual Suffolk Sport Regional Conference

2018 - Won the County LTA Education Award for tennis provision 

           Reaccredited with the (AfPE) Quality Mark with distinction – the first Primary School in Suffolk to do so!

Birchwood’s most recent OFSTED report (Oct 2016) reported “the effective use of sports funding has ensured that almost all pupils regularly take part in sport each week.  Pupils know how to keep themselves fit and healthy and thrive in sport, many taking part in competitions at a local and national level’”. 

The school offers a broad range of extra curricular provision to support the Bolt Curriculum: boys & girls football, running, circuits, hip hop dance, golf, basketball, start to move, rugby, volleyball, athletics, tennis, Birchwood Boot Camp, cricket and cycling.  Intra School Competitions introduce the children to ‘competing’ against those they know and Inter School Competitions see pupils compete against other schools, at local, regional and national level.  Teams represent the majority of the ‘clubs’ mentioned above.  Over the last 4 years, utilising the Sports Funding to subsidise the clubs, we have seen a significant rise in the number of pupils engaging with our extended learning opportunities from 69% in 2014/15 to 90% 2017/18.  Pupils show high levels of interest to pursue ‘sporting development’ beyond the hours of the school day.  Currently, 88% of pupils in the school participate in ‘organised’ sport provision outside of school time.  Pupils have improved their outcomes in lessons and competitions locally and regionally e.g. for the past three years, the swim team have won the pyramid swimming gala.  This year, the swim team have won the Ipswich Schools Gala and are about to compete in the regional finals.  The tennis team won the pyramid (2017 & 2018) and School Games (2017 & 2018) tournaments and finished 3rd in the regional finals ‘17.  Other team and individual successes have occurred in a variety of sporting activities.