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The Victorian Era

The time when Queen Victoria reigned is called the Victorian era or Victorian age. She was queen from 1837 to 1901, and a lot of things happened in Britain during that time.

During the 64 years that Queen Victoria was on the throne, Britain was also going through the Industrial Revolution. Machines for factories were invented that could make things quickly, like textiles – so, there were more textiles around to sell, and more people who wanted to buy them. With the invention of the steam train, the textiles could get to places further away than before.

Life in the Victorian era changed very quickly for a lot of people, and cities became busier and more crowded.


Top 10 Victorian Facts:


  1. The Victorian era is what we call the time that Queen Victoria reigned: 1837-1901.
  2. During the Victorian era, the Industrial Revolution was happening – this is when scientific inventions meant that it was easier to make things to sell, and that those things could be sent to places further away than before.
  3. One big reason why the Industrial Revolution happened was because of steam power – this lead to the invention of steam trains, which made it faster to travel and to send goods.
  4. A way to make steel from iron was also discovered, which made it easier to make machines for factories and to even build the factories themselves.
  5. All of these things during the Industrial Revolution meant that lots of products could be made in the same place at the same time – this is called mass production. Before this, it would have been just one tradesman making one thing at a time.
  6. Also during the Victorian Era, Great Britain became the British Empire. Britain governed many countries, kingdoms and colonies all over the world. Many of these places are part of the British Commonwealth today.
  7. Before the Victorian era, it took days – sometimes weeks – to travel places. Inventions such as the steam train and the iron steam ship meant that travel took a lot less time, so people started going to places where they wouldn’t have thought to before, like the (modern day) United States of America and India.
  8. It was also faster to get in touch with other people, even if you were all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. The telegraph and telephone were both invented in the Victorian era, so people didn’t always have to write letters if they had something important to say.
  9. People started using electricity for the first time in the Victorian Era. The first electrically-lit streetlights, public building and even village were in the UK.
  10. By 1901, half of all the people who lived in Britain (not including the Empire) lived in cities. This was a huge change because most people had lived in the country around the start of the Victorian era.

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