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Year 3

Welcome To Year 3!

This term our WoW Topic is called 'All Wrapped Up!' 

Our key text for the first half term is 'Secrets of a Sun King' by Emma Carroll. 



It’s 1922, just at the point when the world was poised waiting for news about the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt, when Lil finds a mysterious package on her grandad’s doorstep, just as he’s struck down with a terrible illness.

The parcel was sent by a famous Egytologist who has just been found dead! Is the curse of Tutankhamun the cause? Lil decides, with the help of her new friends, Tulip and Oz, that the only way to help her grandad is to return the package to its rightful resting place in Egypt.

This is a glorious historical adventure with a nimble, thrilling 1920s tale, as well as a wonderful subplot set back in Ancient Egyptian times, as found in a scroll written by Tutankhamun’s best friend.


Maths Week England 2020 9th-13th November

Year 3 Reading Expectations Parent Information Session

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