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Year 6

Welcome To Year 6!

This term our WoW Topic is 'Mystical Worlds'.

Our key text for the half term is 'Boy in The Tower' by Polly Ho-Yen.

'When they first arrived, they came quietly and stealthily as if they tip-toed into the world when we were all looking the other way.'


From the seventeenth floor of the tower block where he lives with his mother, Ade watches as the buildings fall around him. The Bluchers - a strange and terrible kind of plant - are taking over the city, and everyone is being forced to evacuate, but his mother is refusing to leave her room. And so Ade watches alone as the city slowly empties, and the Bluchers creep ever closer.

Year 6 SATS Information for Parents

Maths Week England 2020 9th-13th November

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