School Logo

Who's Who

Leadership Team
Picture 1 Mr Cloke Executive Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Davies Head of School
Picture 3 Mr Challis Deputy Head
Picture 4 Miss Cooksey School Business Manager
Teaching Staff
Picture 1 Mrs Woods Reception & SENDCO
Picture 2 Mrs Oliver Year 1
Picture 3 Mrs Gray Year 2
Picture 4 Mrs Gale Year 4
Picture 5 Mr Challis Year 6
Picture 6 Mr M Hough, Sports Lead
Picture 7 Mrs Dooley Year 3
Picture 8 Mr Hogg Year 5
Picture 9 Mrs Wainer Reception
Office Staff
Picture 1 Miss Cooksey School Business Manager
Picture 2 Mrs Westaway
Classroom Support
Picture 1 Miss Blair
Picture 2 Mrs Miller
Picture 3 Mrs Pearce
Picture 4 Miss Williams
Picture 5 Mrs Harris
Picture 6 Mrs Maughan
Picture 7 Mrs Singleton
Picture 8 Mrs Phelan
Picture 9 Miss Westaway
Wrap Around Care
Picture 1 Mrs N Walker
Picture 2 Miss C Abbs
Picture 3 Mrs J Jones
Picture 4 Miss L Miller
Picture 5 Miss J Westaway
Picture 6 Mrs K Capp
Picture 7 Mrs P Arnold
Picture 8 Mrs S Garje
Mid Day Staff
Picture 1 Mrs T Holbrook
Picture 2 Mrs M Yasin
Picture 3 Mr K Jones
Picture 4 Mrs L Day
Picture 5 Mrs L White
Picture 6 Mrs S Cook
Picture 7 Mrs R Leader

Cleaning and Caretaking


Picture 1 Mr G Barter



Picture 1 Mrs K Doidge, Chef Manager