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Attendance % for academic year Sept 17/18 = 97.5% - this places Birchwood ABOVE the national average and is to be celebrated.


Present attendance Sept’18 – June’19 = 97.5% - this places Birchwood ABOVE the national, illustrating the positive impact of the continued work to sustain excellent attendance.


Birchwood unauthorised absence for academic year Sept 18 - June 19  = 0.4%  (2016 National figure = 3.9%). This is looking very favourable.


Number of pupils with persistent absence Sept 18 – June 19 (pupils with less than 90% attendance) = 4% (2017 National figure = 2.5%) - 1.5% above National this is our area we are working on during the Spring and Summer Terms. 


We have had no permanent exclusions.


Leaders have sustained excellent levels of attendance through effective systems in place.  

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