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Birchwood Primary School Eco-Code

The School Council has agreed that all pupils, staff and visitors will follow our Eco-Code (January 2019)

We will…….

  • RECYCLE all scrap paper, using both sides.
  • RECYCLE all clean, plastic containers.
  • RECYCLE all cardboard.
  • RECYCLE used postage stamps, batteries, textiles, glasses, crisp packets, ink cartridges, writing implements and shoes.
  • REUSE fruit and vegetable waste for compost, chicken food and in the wormery.
  • REUSE rain water and left over drinking water in water butts for our gardens.
  • REUSE materials to support our learning (junk modelling, glue pots, flower pots etc.).
  • REUSE pens and glue sticks by putting lids back on after use.
  • REDUCE water wastage by turning off taps.
  • REDUCE electricity wastage by switching off and closing doors.
  • REDUCE food wastage by designing the menu, pre ordering our school lunches and eating up!
  • REDUCE food wastage by harvesting, cooking and preserving our school grown crops.
  • REDUCE our carbon footprint by walking, scooting or biking to school.
  • REDUCE our use of single use plastics by using reusable drinks bottles, avoiding cling film and purchasing responsibly.