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SMSC & British Values

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC)

At Birchwood we develop SMSC in many different ways, including through the experiences outlined below. For more evidence of SMSC please look through our Twitter feed.

As part of our broad and balanced curriculum, we incorporate British Values: 


Promotion of fundamental British Values





A democracy is a system where people are able to decide how their country or community should be run.

Assembly Themes

PSHE curriculum

Election of School and Eco Councillors

WOW Curriculum and individual curriculum subjects

Pupil Voice responsibilities for ‘jobs’ within classroom and around the school on a ‘fair’ basis

SEND policy and practices Studying Ancient Greece and beginnings of democracy

Voting in class

Creation of class charter to accompany Birchwood Bees whole school, rules – annual stakeholder consultation

Stakeholders, including children, staff and parents feel they influence and impact the way the school is run and that this has a positive impact.

Rule of Law

No one is above the law.

Creation of class charter to accompany Birchwood Bees whole school, rules – annual stakeholder consultation Assembly Themes

WOW curriculum and individual curriculum subjects

Parent Consultations/Home School diary and other forms of communication building relationships with stakeholders Exclusions

Prejudice Related Incidents records

Safeguarding records

Holding teachers to account Performance Management of all staff

CPD for staff

Children, staff and parents feel ‘safe’ as a result of clear policies, rules and expectations and in the knowledge that issues will be followed up robustly.


Freedom to live as you wish and believe what you wish within the law.

Assembly Themes

WOW Curriculum themes and individual curriculum subjects Food Bank Charity support

Pupil Voice regarding topic themes and input into curriculum design

Celebrations across faiths

Class charter

Behaviour Policy

PSHE themes

Children, staff and parents feel they can act independently and autonomously within the agreed, shared and accepted frameworks.

Respect and Tolerance Admiration for someone’s skills or qualities and a willingness to accept someone else’s beliefs even though they may be different from your own.

PSHE Curriculum

WOW Curriculum and individual curriculum subjects

Playground ‘buddy bench’ system

Pupil Voice roles

Assembly themes

Extra-Curricular Clubs

Celebration assemblies – Star of the week tab, Citizen of the week tab

Twitter feed

SEND policy and practices

Anti-discrimination recruitment procedures and policies PREVENT training

Equalities action plan and policy

Skills and qualities are recognised in a multitude of different ways. Children, staff and parents respect each other’s views and beliefs and have strategies for dealing effectively with differences. Discrimination is not tolerated.