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Birchwood's Ethos For Learning

We are Passionate About Learning


Quite simply, it is our intention that every pupil, irrelevant of needs, develops such a passion for learning that they seek out and embrace amazing opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in school, at home and in the wider environment. We want all our pupils to experience a wide and varied curriculum, which leaves them excitedly seeking further opportunities to continue their learning journey. Ambitious curriculum goals ensure exemplary pupil achievement.


    At Birchwood our curriculum journey is driven by:

    • Our own bespoke Wheel of Wisdom curriculum. 
    • Key literary focus and text rich curriculum.
    • High quality core texts that are challenging selected from world famous children's literature.
    • Interconnectedness within subjects and between subjects so that pupils know more and remember more.
    • Real life purpose to learning experiences wherever possible.
    • Methodology = immersion + absorption of skills + practice skills + apply and refine.  
    • Sequential curriculum building towards end curriculum goals, built within real life/wider opportunities that inspire and challenge our pupils (e.g. Milsoms persuasive writing Y6 microbusiness, DEFRA approved egg production unit, Birchwood bees, Suffolk Day, masterclass program, Personalised Learning Plans in every subject).

    Birchwood Key Strengths – 23-24


    • Jan ’23 OFSTED accreditation confirming that Birchwood remains an outstanding school in all areas (see report).  
    • A whole school curriculum where each subject has a well sequenced curriculum that builds up knowledge and skills logically. An assessment system which is aligned to the sequenced curriculum.
    • Outstanding personal development curriculum enhanced by Birchwood Bolts (11 pupil voice groups active in local community, wider community and at a National level).
    • Outstanding behaviour and attitudes of pupils (as demonstrated in each other’s active interest in each other’s wellbeing).
    • EYFS/Y1 PSC/Y2 SATs/Y4 times table/Y6 writing all above National Outcomes 2023.   


    Birchwood Key Developments – 23-24


    • End of Y6 Maths, Reading and GAPS outcomes to be above National 2024 attainment and progress.
    • Whole school Maths Rapid Attainment Plan.
    • Enhanced staff usage of formal and summative assessment systems to identify and address gaps in pupil’s knowledge through adaptive teaching strategies.
    • Further enhance system management protocols to facilitate pupils with SEN.