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Early Help Offer

Any child may benefit from early help, but all Birchwood staff are particularly alert to the potential need for early help for a child who:

▪ is disabled and has specific additional needs

▪ has special educational needs (whether or not they have a statutory Education, Health and Care Plan)

▪ is a young carer

▪ is showing signs of being drawn in to antisocial or criminal behaviour, including gang involvement and association with organised crime groups

▪ is frequently missing/goes missing from care or from home

▪ is at risk of modern slavery, trafficking or exploitation

▪ is at risk of being radicalised or exploited

▪ is in a family circumstance presenting challenges for the child, such as drug and alcohol misuse, adult mental health issues or domestic abuse

▪ is misusing drugs or alcohol themselves

▪ has returned home to their family from care

▪ is a privately fostered child

Our Early Help Offer includes:

  • Nurture Group
  • Breakfast Club
  • Learning Together sessions
  • Lunchtime Play Leaders
  • Induction sessions for children starting Reception class, including home visits
  • The school’s nursing team
  • Signs of Safety toolkit
  • In house safeguarding protocols (1 DSL, 4 ASLs, 2 named Governor)
  • External agency support (Behaviour support, Bereavement Counselling, Child Specific Interventions, FNM, CAF, FSP)
  • ‘Reading Dog’ programme
  • Bespoke learning interventions e.g. reading, maths, phonics
  • In house audit tool to gauge children’s perseverance, attitude to learning, self-esteem & relationships which leads to bespoke planning for cohorts and individuals
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Parent Information Sessions (academic and pastoral)