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Wheel of Wisdom

The wheel itself (see above) is an organisational vehicle to guide pupils through their learning journey. The learning pathway always begins in the ‘What do you know?/How sure are you?’ section, ascertaining the starting point for the learning experiences to follow, and concludes in the ‘Can you generalise?’ segment where the pupils apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills to different contexts.The Wheel of Wisdom, our creative curriculum at Birchwood, aims to broaden and enrich children’s learning through a predominantly cross curricular approach.  Through this model our pupils are encouraged to work independently, develop skills of research, investigation and problem-solving that can be used across all eleven curriculum areas, build up a positive sense of self as an active life long learner, expand their strengths exploring and using the full range of their human abilities and promote their skills of self-assessment.


 Each cross curricular unit of work is guided by learner interest and is supported by Birchwood ‘Bolts’ (Sporting Excellence, Food4Life Partnership, Eco-School, Forest School).  Whenever possible the children’s learning is drawn from firsthand experience and active participation.