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Wrap Around Care

Wrap Around Care is organised under the EYFS areas of learning. For example everyday there are activities planned to support:

 Homework

 Physical Development

 Art and Design

 Knowledge and understanding of the world

 Numeracy and Literacy skills


We offer care from 7.45am to 9am and 3.25pm to 6pm.

Under current Covid-19 guidance and associated restrictions, we offer care from 7.45am to 9am and 3pm to 5pm. We are unable to provide breakfast or tea. 


The charges for our wrap around care are as follows:

 Breakfast Club First child 7.45am (with Breakfast) £4.00

 Breakfast Club Sibling 7.45am (with Breakfast) £3.20

 Breakfast Club First Child 8.15am (without Breakfast) £2.00

 Breakfast Club sibling 8.15am (without Breakfast) £1.60

 After School Club First Child 4.30pm (without Tea) £3.00

 After School Club Sibling 4.30pm (without Tea) £2.70

 After School Club First Child 6pm (with Tea) £8.00

 After School Club Sibling 6pm (with Tea) £7.20


We invoice termly. Invoices are due on receipt of invoice and must be settled before the first session back after a break otherwise we will be unable to accept your child/ren into Breakfast or After School Club. We feel sufficient time is given to make payment and raise childcare vouchers. We do not make reductions in costings if children also attend a sports club as well as After School Club.