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Written by Alex, Isla, Jessica, Rehya, Giovanni, Lois, Ben, Zara, Leo, Luna, Cyrus and Izzy



In our role as a Meeter and Greeter, it is our aim to:

*  welcome new people in to our school

*  welcome new children and their parents to our school before they start

*  introduce ourselves and welcome them to our classrooms

*  speak confidently, take our time and speak clearly

*  be nice and smiley!

*  show our visitors the activities we are doing

*  make visitors feel welcome with a warm greeting



Children in Years 1-6 that are interested in this role, have to fill in an application form sharing three words to describe themselves, who they are, their interests and why they would like the job. An application panel choose the best two applications to represent each class.  The chosen two have their photos placed in the front entrance of school and get presented with Meeter and Greeter badges so they can be easily identified around school.  We wear these proudly!  

We have lots of visitors to our school.  Some that are interested in what goes on here and some that would like to see if they like the school for their children. When we spot a visitor entering our classroom (with Mrs Davies or Mr Cloke), we stop what we are doing and introduce ourselves and tell them what we are doing in our class. We show the visitor our very best work that we are proud of and answer any questions they may have. We take our time and are especially caring and respectful. When we invite guests into school for celebrations, we are on hand to welcome them (e.g. Celebration assemblies, Harvest Festival, Learning Together afternoons, Nativity).



When a visitor leaves Birchwood, we hope they know lots of information about what goes on here.  We hope that if they have children with them, and are looking for a place at our school, that are so impressed they choose us! Ultimately, we hope every visitor leaves Birchwood with a large smile! We hope they have had a great time and have felt included in what we are doing and trying to achieve. 



Meeter and Greeter taster film

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Are you keen to make all our visitors feel as welcome as possible? Do you feel confident speaking to new people? Are you a Birchwood expert who could happily give visitors a tour of our fabulous school? If you have answered 'yes' to these questions then you should apply to be a Meeter and Greeter!

Meeters and Greeters application form (for Years 1 - 6 only)