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PE and Sport Premium

Birchwood’s most recent OFSTED report (Oct 2016) reported “the effective use of sports funding has ensured that almost all pupils regularly take part in sport each week.  Pupils know how to keep themselves fit and healthy and thrive in sport, many taking part in competitions at a local and national level’”. 


Alongside many other innovative initiatives, the Sports Premium Funding at Birchwood has been used to subsidise attendance at the wide menu of extra curricular provision we offer... we have seen a significant rise in the number of pupils engaging with our extended learning opportunities from 12% in 2012/13 to 88% 2019/20 over two terms, Covid-19 (with 66% take up of more than one club).  In 2019/20, 100% of Pupil Premium children attended extra curricular PE provision fully subsidised from the Sports Premium Funding. 


Showcased as exemplary case study practice, both regionally and nationally, a significant use of the Sports Premium Funding allocated to the school has been used to establish a masterclass program at three tiers of ability – the talented, those meeting expectations and those vulnerable to not keeping up.  The program involves initial talent identification, the writing of personalised learning plans with personalised goals, termly reporting to parents (including bespoke PE parent consultations), family learning together sessions and collaborative masterclass working with other schools.  “The ‘masterclasses’ that many pupils take part in for tennis, for example, not only demonstrate the variety of activities that pupils experience, but also the amazing outcomes that they are capable of” (OFSTED).  Over the last year, the masterclass program designed for those vulnerable to not keeping up saw 100% make expected progress and 50% accelerated progress.

Please read the information below which gives greater detail of how our PE and Sport Premium Funding has been spent and how we allocate the Grant in line with the school's priorities. 

Evidencing the Impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium, including swimming outcomes - July 2020

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