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Uniform Information

We have been working across the last year with the Parent Council revisiting our Uniform Policy with the following aims/ethos in mind:

• our uniform creates a sense of community and belonging and pride in our school

• our uniform creates equality and helps to avoid discrimination

• our uniform takes the anxiety out of what to wear to school

• our uniform is fit for purpose for the nature of age-related activities explored

• our uniform is cost effective

Members of the Parent Council, acting on behalf of the parent body, have suggested and supported these 3 significant changes for September 2023 you will notice from the Uniform Policy currently in place:

  1. Birchwood branded PE sports shorts are no longer compulsory (branded options can still be purchased but can be superseded with plain navy sports shorts)
  2. Birchwood’s branded school tie is now compulsory at KS2 only
  3. During the second half of the summer term, there is the option of wearing a white cotton polo shirt with no tie

From September ’23 the school will have a specific focus on smartness (school and person based)! This amended Uniform Policy starts from 6th September ’23 and will be monitored thereafter. Please can we ask that all ‘new school year’ purchases are made in consultation with the document attached so that you do not waste money purchasing the incorrect items. The Parent Council recommended visual ‘acceptable’ and ‘unacceptable’ examples would be a helpful addition for parents (see leaflet attached).

Birchwood School rucksacks and book bags can be purchased from our online school shop


Hairstyles / Piercings and accessories:

Extreme hairstyles are not permitted including for example...

dyed hair, Mohicans, patterns or words shaved into hair. 

Jo Jo bows or similar are not permitted. 

Jewellery should be kept to 1 pair of stud earrings (hoops not allowed) and a watch.

Nail varnish is not permitted.

All final decisions rest with the Head of School.

Would you like to pass on your unused uniform which doesn’t fit anymore in a sustainable way?

Has your child lost an item of uniform and you don’t want to buy a brand new replacement at this point in the year?

We have a range of new and pre loved trousers, pinafores, shorts, skirts, culottes, PE kits, tights and socks. Swap your outgrown uniforms for the next size up or search for an item of uniform you need. All clothes, which had been washed and ironed, will be displayed on a table so that you can browse at your leisure at regular intervals across each term! However, if you are in more urgent need, please contact Mrs Phelan, our Family Support Worker.


Please post any clothes you are donating into the black recycle bin, located in our Recycle Alley at the front of school. We are very much in need of larger sizes, Birchwood PE kit and Birchwood jumpers. Year 6, please can we have any donations as you leave for High School!